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Zilco manufactured reins, available in various sizes SALE ITEMS & Secondhand Reins

Our wide range of harness reins

Adjustable Rein Drop

These rein drops fit a 25mm neck strap & may be moved to the desired height on the neck strap to suit individual horses, sold individually

Ladder Reins **NEW PRODUCT**

Standard equipment in Zilco Harness Racing, made of plain material & features 5 sewn fixed hand loops, buckle end includes a wire stay for added strength & security. Available in 3 lengths.

Leather Shetland Pairs Driving Reins

Good quality leather reins with brass fittings, English leather in part where reins have been spliced.

R GRIP PAIRS REINS ** SALE** 1 pair available

1 x FS R Grip Pairs Reins RRP £170.00

R Grip Reins - Single & Pairs

Front part made from Zilco synthetic material, hand grips are 20mm wide with excellent wet weather grip. Sizes: Single: Pony 368cm, Cob, 432cm, FS 462cm, XFS 550cm. Pairs: Pony 445cm, Cob 472cm, FS 508cm.

Rein Accessory - Elastic Rein Retainer

Safety product ensuring a dropped rein does not fall outside the carriage.

Rein Accessory - Rein Coupler

Complete with finger loop, joins the ends of all Zilco reins.

Rein Accessory - Rein Joiner

Ideal tool when driving marathons and obstacles

Rein Hand Loops

Designed for use with plain reins, these slide onto the rein & can be positioned exactly as the driver requires, padded comfort, sold as a pair.


Brand new S Grip Black/Brown RRP £101.00

S Grip Reins - Single & Pair

Constructed of hard wearing material with supergrip weave with rubberized grip, hard wearing & strong. Sizes Single Pony 368cm, Cob 432cm, FS 462cm, XFS 550cm. Pairs Pony 445cm, Cob 472cm, FS 508cm.

Tedex Reins ** SALE **

Black webbing with brown rubber weave hand parts for good all-round weather handling & stainless steel fittings.Shetland 340cm, Pony 355cm, Cob 380cm, FS 405cm & XFS 430cm

WebZ Reins

Webbing Reins

Z Grip Pony Pair Reins **SALE** 1 PAIR AVAILABLE

New Z Grip Pony Pairs Reins RRP £157.00

Z Grip Reins - Single & Pairs

Matt brown suade finish material, similar weight to leather. Sizes Single Pony 368cm, Cob 432cm, FS 462cm, XFS 550cm. Pairs Pony 445cm, Cob 472cm, FS 508cm.

Z Grip Reins - Tandem Leader, Team Wheeler, 6 in hand, Team Leader Fixed

Matt brown suade material finish, similar weight to leather. Tandem Leader Sizes Pony 610cm, Cob 711cm, FS 762cm. Tandem Wheeler Size FS 508cm, 6 in Hand Size FS 1229cm

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