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Reins - Single

Zilco manufactured reins, available in various sizes & SPECIAL OFFERS. Also English Leather reins.

Our wide range of harness reins

Cob Size - English Leather Driving Reins

Lightly used reins made by Bridleways of Guildford, lovely set of reins with brass fittings. Length 410cm x 1.5cm wide.

English Leather Single Reins FS

Very soft leather with white metal fittings. 450cm long x 1.5cm wide, leather stops along the reins

Large Pony Leather Driving Reins

Havana English Leather with brass buckles, suit Large Pony 390cm long x 1.5cm wide

Monte Ladder Reins

16mm reins with 5 hand loops, 1 size as used in harness racing

R Grip - Single Brown **New - January 2021**

R Grip reins feature hand parts that are rubber coated webbing. This gives a soft & pliable feel but have the thickness & weight similar to a leather rein. They maintain their flexibility in temperature extremes & give excellent grip in the wettest of conditions, thanks to the pimpled texture. The front section & billet stays are constructed from hard wearing Zilco material, also feature a rein coupler with finger loop fitted at the centre.

R Grip Single Reins with BLACK front part

Front part & billets are black Zilco coated web. Hand part is dark brown, contoured rubber. Excellent wet weather grip, soft & pliable. Width Front 19mm, Hand Part 20mm

S Grip Shetland Reins **SUMMER SPECIAL**

1 X new set of single reins at a special price.

S Grip Single Reins with BLACK front part

Front part & billets are Zilco coated web. Front Part 19mm wide, Hand part 22mm wide

S Grip Single Reins with BROWN front part **END OF LINE - 2 PAIRS IN PONY SIZE & 1 x FS ONLY**

Front part & billets are Zilco web, hand part is tightly woven dark brown with rubberised grip for non-slip feel. Light & comfortable in the hand, hard wearing & strong. Sizes Width front part 19mm, Hand part 22mm

SL S Grip Single Reins - All Black

20mm hand section & lighter 16mm Apollo front. Black with black grips. Pony, Cob & FS included in SL Plus Harness sets.

SL S-Grip Single Reins - All Black Small Ponies

20mm S-Grip hand section. Black with black grips, included in SL Mini & SL Shetland Harness Sets

Tedex Reins

Black webbing with brown rubber weave hand parts for good all-round weather handling & stainless steel fittings.Shetland 340cm, Pony 355cm, Cob 380cm, FS 405cm & XFS 430cm

WebZ Single Reins

S Grip hand section. Fitted at centre with tough tape strap that threads through a stainless steel loop. Black with brown grips. 22mm wide.

Z Grip Cob Reins **SPRING SPECIAL**

1 available at this special price.

Z Grip Pony Reins **SPRING SPECIAL**

2 pairs of these reins at extra special price

Z Grip Reins **SECONDHAND**

Lightly used Single Reins, 1 x Cob & 1 x Pony

Z Grip Reins -Brown 16mm wide

Designed for women & children with narrower grip for single reins. 16mm wide made from dark brown matt brown material that is similar weight as leather. These reins have No sewn stops in the hand section, rein coupler with finger loop is fitted as standard.

Z Grip Single - BROWN No Sewn Stops

Z grip hand section, no hand sewn straps. Rein coupler with finger loop is fitted at the centre. All Brown 22mm wide x 450cm

Z Grip Single Reins All BROWN with sewn leatherette stops

Front part & billets are brown Zilco coated web. Hand part is matt brown with similar appearance & feel to leather. Synthetic leather sewn stops at intervals along the hand part for extra grip. Consistent feel in both wet & dry conditions. Cannot stretch, Sizes: Width Pony 19mm, Cob & FS 22mm

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