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Harness Parts - Tedex

Black webbing with chrome fittings, Includes Secondhand Tedex Items all in very good condition & SALE PRICES FOR TEDEX BRIDLES

Our wide range of

Tedex Breastplate & Wither Strap

Black webbing with chrome fittings. Items are sold seperately. Sizes Breastplate: Shetland 76cm Pony 86cm, Cob 101cm, FS 112cm, XFS 122cm. Sizes Wither Strap: Shetland 81cm, Pony 96cm, Cob 112cm, FS 122cm, XFS 132cm

Tedex Breeching

Black webbing with chrome fittings, items sold seperately Sizes - Breeching Seat Shetland 86cm, Pony 104cm, Cob 117cm, FS 127cm, XFS 140cm. Sizes - Hip Straps: Shetland 102cm, Pony 117cm, Cob 127cm, FS 137cm, XFS 152cm

Tedex Breeching Straps

Black webbing with chrome fittings. 19mm wide Sold in Pairs Sizes: Shetland 73cm, Pony 81cm, Cob 92cm, FS 107cm, XFS 117cm

Tedex Bridle

Brand New complete bridles

Tedex Bridle Parts

Misc Bridle Parts

Tedex Bridle Rosettes

Plain Stainless Steel Rosettes for Tedex Bridles, sold in pairs

Tedex Cob Breeching Seat & Loin Straps **Secondhand**

Older style Tedex item, Length 112cm, Good used condition, 1 available

Tedex Girth & Bellyband

Sold Seperately. Sizes - Girth: Shetland 28cm, Pony 31cm, Cob 48cm, FS 53cm, XFS 58cm. False Bellyband Sizes: Shetland 36cm, Pony 48cm, Cob 56cm, FS 53cm, XFS 76cm.

Tedex QR Tugs

New product launched in Late 2019

Tedex Saddle

Black Webbing with chrome fittings, complete with backband

Tedex Shetland Bridles **WINTER SALE PRICE**

3 new bridles available at Extra Special Prices

Tedex Traces

Black Webbing 32mm wide. Sizes: Shetland 137cm, Pony 157cm, Cob 172cm, FS 187cm, XFS 202cm

Tedex Tugs

Black Webbing with chrome fittings - one size fits all. Size 32mm wide x 50cm long

Tedex XFS Noseband **SALE**

Brand new Tedex nosebands, 5 available at a special sale price, RRP £9.75

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