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Harness Parts - Tedex

Black webbing with chrome fittings, Includes Secondhand Tedex Items all in very good condition & SALE PRICES FOR TEDEX BRIDLES

Our wide range of

Bridle Rosettes - Plain

Supped with Tedex Bridles, sold in pairs.

Tedex Breastplate & Wither Strap

Black webbing with chrome fittings. Items are sold seperately. Sizes Breastplate: Shetland 76cm Pony 86cm, Cob 101cm, FS 112cm, XFS 122cm. Sizes Wither Strap: Shetland 81cm, Pony 96cm, Cob 112cm, FS 122cm, XFS 132cm

Tedex Breeching

Black webbing with chrome fittings, items sold seperately Sizes - Breeching Seat Shetland 86cm, Pony 104cm, Cob 117cm, FS 127cm, XFS 140cm. Sizes - Hip Straps: Shetland 102cm, Pony 117cm, Cob 127cm, FS 137cm, XFS 152cm

Tedex Breeching Seat **SECONDHAND**

Lightly used, minor mouse damage on middle of breeching seat but does not affect its use.

Tedex Breeching Straps

Black webbing with chrome fittings. 19mm wide Sold in Pairs Sizes: Shetland 73cm, Pony 81cm, Cob 92cm, FS 107cm, XFS 117cm

Tedex Bridle

Brand New complete bridles

Tedex Bridle - Blinkers & Cheeks

Replacement Blinkers & Cheeks

Tedex Bridle - Browband

Replacment Browbands Sizes Shetland 36cm , Pony 38cm, Cob 42cm, FS 45cm, XFS 48cm

Tedex Bridle - Headpiece

Replacement Headpiece Sizes: Shetland 48cm, Pony 53cm, Cob 58cm, FS 61cm, XFS 66cm

Tedex Bridle - Noseband

Replacment Noseband Sizes: Shetland 49 - 58cm, Pony 51 - 61cm, Cob 55 - 66cm, FS 61 - 73cm, XFS 66 - 77cm

Tedex Bridle - Throatlash

Replacement Throatlash Sizes: Shetland 43cm, Pony 48cm, Cob 51cm, FS 57cm, XFS 59cm

Tedex Cob Bridle **SECONDHAND**

Lightly used cob bridle in good clean condition

Tedex Cob Traces **SECONDHAND**

Lightly used traces

Tedex Crupper

Standard Crupper Sizes Max Length: Shetland 79cm, Pony 97cm, Cob 102cm

Tedex Girth & Bellyband

Sold Seperately. Sizes - Girth: Shetland 28cm, Pony 31cm, Cob 48cm, FS 53cm, XFS 58cm. False Bellyband Sizes: Shetland 36cm, Pony 48cm, Cob 56cm, FS 53cm, XFS 76cm.

Tedex Pony Saddle **Secondhand**

Lightly used Pony saddle with std tugs, girth & bellyband

Tedex QR Tugs

New product launched in Late 2019

Tedex Saddle

Black Webbing with chrome fittings, complete with backband

Tedex Traces

Black Webbing 32mm wide. Sizes: Shetland 137cm, Pony 157cm, Cob 172cm, FS 187cm, XFS 202cm

Tedex Tugs

Black Webbing with chrome fittings - one size fits all. Size 32mm wide x 50cm long

Tedex XFS Noseband **SALE**

Brand new Tedex nosebands, 5 available at a special sale price, RRP £9.75


As used with Tedex range of harness, sold in pairs

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