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Driving Bits - Small Pony/donkey

Designed for the smaller mouth: sizes available 3 inch - 4.5 inch. Includes END OF LINE bits see under seperate category

Our wide range of small driving bits

Butterfly Arched Mouth Bit **Small Pony Version**

Made by Zilco, similar in action to a Mullen moth, mouthpiece curves upwards rather than forward allowing more tongue room. Available in 11.5cm 4.5 inch

Cambridge Bit **NEW PRODUCT**

Stainless Steel - also known as Magic Bradoon Bit

Filet Baucher Bit **NEW PRODUCT**

Also known as a Hanging Cheek, uses pressure on the poll to encourage a pony to lower its head, mild bit that is stronger than a traditional snaffle, made of stainless steel

Jointed Half Spoon Bit **SECONDHAND**

Stainless Steel bit in good condition

Liverpool 2 slot Ported Bit -small

Designed for the smaller mouth, ported area allows the tongue more room.

Liverpool 2 slot Straight Bar Bit - small

Designed for smaller mouth, reversible & allows even pressure on the tongue.

Liverpool Straight Bar + Bottom Jaw

Suitable for multiples

Mullen Mouth Snaffle **NEW PRODUCT**

Stainless steel bit with small round rings, fine bit ideal for showing or driving, available in 2 sizes

Nylon Snaffle - White Rings

Mild bit used for in hand showing but ideal to get a horse, pony or donkey used to a bit.

Wilson Snaffle **NEW PRODUCT**


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