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Harness Parts - SL Shetland & SL Mini

Parts for the SL Shetland , SL Small Pony & SL Mini Harness for Single & Pairs

Our wide range of sl harness parts

Breastplate - Mini/ Shetland/ Sml Pony

SL Mini, Shetland/Small Pony Breastplate. Sizes: Mini 68cm, Shetland/Sml Pony 82cm

Breastplate to Saddle Straps

Converts Combo breastplet to pair use, strap length 47cm

Crupper - Deluxe shetland

Buckles on both sides of smooth padded dock, available in Mini & Shetland Size. Mini 65 - 79cm long, Shetland 79 - 92cm long

Crupper - Mini & Shetland

Std crupper supplied with SL harness sets. Buckle on one side of waffle padded dock.

Empathy Collar - Shetland Pony

Mk 3 Empathy Collar for Single Harness, complete set incl 25mm QR Trace Fittings to fit SL Traces

Empathy Collar -Wither Strap Shetland

Suitable for Shetland/Sml Pony

Gullet Strap -Shetland

Connects throatlash & noseband under the gullet to prevent bridle being pulled off.

QR Trace Fittings ** SL Trace **

Suit Shetland Size Empathy Collar 480122

Reins - SL Single & Pairs

Mini Single L 310cm, Mini Pair L 360cm, Shet Single L 340cm, Shet Pair L 390cm

Retainer Strap - Shetland

As supplied on pairs harness, connects wither to saddle to help maintain position.

Shaft Loops - Sml

Standard Shaft tugs, alternative to QR Tugs

Shetland Traces

Standard Trces 145cm long

SL Breeching Straps - Single

Synthetic material for Mini or Shetland

SL Breeching Straps -Pairs

Synthetic material for Mini or Shetland

SL Combination Breastplate

Including wither, brake strap & retainer strap, easy converts from single to pair. Sizes: Mini 150cm, Shetland 190cm - Measured from centre of breastplate to tip of trace.

SL Deluxe Bridle - Complete

Independent hanging noseband. Wire winker stays, decorative rosettes, padded headpiece. Stock Deluxe bridles come with plain blinkers. You can get Patent blinkers as an option but only in Shetland & Sml Pony Size

SL Deluxe Saddle

Based on the standard Zilco design with a flexible tree, giving good spine clearance

SL Deluxe Saddle with Sliding Backband

Zilco unique elastomeric tree. Suitable for use on a 2 wheel carriage or a 4 wheel carriage with rigid shafts

SL Mini Bridle Parts Misc

3 x Mini Browbands 35cm, 2 x Mini Headpieces

SL Mini Pony Traces

Available in 2 lengths: 115cm & 130cm

SL Pairs Breastplate

Mini, Shetland & Small Pony. Includes Wither, brake strap & retainer strap. Sizes: Mini 82cm, Shetland 96cm, Small Pony 109cm

SL Pole Straps

New Product - Pole straps for SL Mini & SL Shetland. Length for Mini, Shetland & Small Pony all 9 - 12 inches Long x 1 inch wide

SL QR Tugs

Small size QR tugs suitable for Mini, Shetland & Small Pony size driving saddles.

SL Shaft Loops - Secondhand

Can be used on Mini & Shetland harness, 2 sets available

SL Shetland Bridle **SECONDHAND**

Good clean lightly used Shetland bridle

SL Shetland Bridle Parts Misc

1 x Shetland Noseband & 1 x Shetland Browband 37cm

SL Shetland Fixed Driving Saddle **SPECIAL OFFER**

1 available at this special Winter price.

SL Shetland Open Bridle **NEW PRODUCT**

This bridle has special design features to suit shetland/small ponies, the open bridle has an extra long browband to allow thick forlocks & broad foreheads. The throatlash is set back from the headpiece, so that small ponies cant remove the bridles. Open design with no blinkers for ponies who do not require any adjustment to their view. This is not a stock item, but can be ordered with delivery approx 7 days.

SL Shetland Pairs Breeching Straps **SPECIAL OFFER**

Brand new, 1 available at this special price.

SL Shetland QR Tugs

The design of these tugs ensure that they remain securely in place when in use, yet are quick & easy to remove, perfect for closed end shafts. Size 25mm wide x strap length 42cm

SL Small Pony Traces

Synthetic traces, length 160cm

SL Sml Pony Pairs Breeching Straps **SECONDHAND**

Lightly used set of sml pony breeching straps

SL Sportz Breastplate

Contoured breastplate with traces attached, includes Empathy wither strap.

SL Standard Bridle - Complete

Extra Length browband, independent throatlash & slotted browband.

SL Standard Saddle

Flexi Treeless Saddle, standard in SL Sets. Sizes underside of saddle between shortest & longest hole each side Mini 75 - 114cm, Shetland 76 - 135cm & Sml Pony 86 - 136cm

SL Standard Tugs - Adjustable

Fits Mini/Shetland & Small Pony SL Harness saddles

SL Tandem Leader Traces

Stainless steel snaps & bungee anchor points, 25mm wide x 203cm long

Trace Carry Straps - Mini/ Shetland

Trace carry straps are used to prevent the traces from hanging too low. This model is suitable for use with SL harness. Size: 13mm wide, adjustable from 12cm - 20cm long. Sold as a pair.

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