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Rein Accessories

Our wide range of misc items used when carriage driving & harness racing

Rein Joiner

Ideal tool when driving marathons and obstacles

Adjustable Rein Drop

These rein drops fit a 25mm neck strap & may be moved to the desired height on the neck strap to suit individual horses, sold individually

Elastic Rein Retainer

Safety product ensuring a dropped rein does not fall outside the carriage.

Hand Loops - Z Grip

Hand loops can be fitted onto S-Grip or Z-Grip single or pair reins. Useful for disabled drivers or any driver who cannot hold the reins in the usual way. 22mm slide buckles, strap width 22mm. Only available in Brown.

Rein Burr

Similar to the rein pricker fitted to the inside of the rein pole if fitted to further reinforce the action of the pole.

Rein Coupler

Complete with finger loop, joins the ends of all Zilco reins.

Rein Hand Loops

Designed for use with plain reins, these slide onto the rein & can be positioned exactly as the driver requires, padded comfort, sold as a pair.

Rein Pole

Used with a head halter or pole halter, this is placed on the side of the horses head & neck running from the pole halter & threading through the rein at the ring end, used to prevent the horse turning head to one side.

Rein Pricker

Made from rigid plastic & designed to attach to the reins. Hard points will dissuade the horse from turning its head to the side during racing.

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