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Bits - Manufactured by Zilco

Driving bits 4 .5 inch to 6 inch

Our wide range of butterfly & liverpool driving bits, also jointed baucher bit

Butterfly Bit - White Straight Mouth

Softer mouthpiece, encourages relaxation. Complete with leather curb strap. This bit is no longer a stock item, but can be order with delivery approx. 7 days

Butterfly White Straight Mouth **CLEARANCE**

Limited stock 4.5 inch x 1, 5 inch x 2, RRP £47.50

Butterfly White Straight Mouth - sml rings

Unique shape & mouthpiece provides a softer mouthpiece which encourages relaxation. Complete with single curb chain.

Butterfly-Low Port with Cherry Rollers

Copper rollers encorage play, while the port prevents the horse from getting his tongue over the bit, fixed cheeks & comes with a single link curb chain.

Half Liverpool with curved mouthpiece

Mouthpiece relieves pressure on the tongue, complete with leather curb strap

Jointed Baucher Bit **NEW PRODUCT**

Manufactured by Zilco & available in 3 sizes. Made of Stainless Steel, this bit is often seen in show jumping & dressage. The Reins attach to eggbut like rings at the mouthpiece, bridle attaches to the smaller rings. The bit sits flat against the horses face & is fixed in the mouth, pressure comes from the bars & slight poll pressure.

Liverpool - Arched Mouth Fixed Cheek

Arched Mouthpiece, reversible, fixed cheekpiece offers a more direct action. Complete with double link curb chain, all sizes are 2 slot

Liverpool Arched Mouth Sliding Cheek

Arched mouthpiece, offering more tongue room, reversible. Sliding cheekpiece offers more gag action & poll pressure. Double link curb chain.

Liverpool High Shank with Jaw Bar

Designed for use with multiples

Liverpool Jointed Mouth

Plain jointed mouthpiece acts on the tongue and bars with a nutcracker action. Comes complete with a leather curb strap

Liverpool Low Port with Cherry Rollers

Fixed cheekpieces prevent pinching of the lips, rollers encourage play, port offers more tongue room & prevents the horse getting his tongue over the bit. Complete with single link curb chain

Liverpool Mullen Mouth

Similar in action to the arched mouth with sliding cheek mouthpiece curves forward in a traditional mullen style. Single link curb chain

Liverpool Straight Mouth Bit **CLEARANCE - END OF LINE, LIMITED AVAILABILITY** 2 x 5 inch & 3 x 5.5 inch

Made by Zilco, bit is reversible with a smooth mouthpiece on one side and ribs on the other, single link curb chain. Cheek length 5 inch are 165mm, 5.5 inch they are 210mm. RRP £36.25

Liverpool White Straight Mouth

Softer mouthpiece which encorages relaxation, complete with leather curb strap

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