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Bits - Non Zilco

Size: 5 inch & 5.5 inch, Smaller bits please see BIts - Small Pony/Donkey & Larger bits see Bits - XL

Our wide range of high quality stainless steel driving bits

Buxton Bit

Traditional bit not as common these days, can be used for Pairs driving. Similar to a Liverpool bit, it differs in the cheeks being far longer with various rein options. This is a STRONG Bit with long shanks joined at the end for stability.

Liverpool 2 slot Ported Bit

Reversible ported bit designed to allow more room for the tongue in the centre of the bit. Mouthpiece thickness 14mm, Cheek Length 16.5cm

Liverpool 2 Slot Straight Bar Bit

Reversible bit, comes complete with a double link curb chain

Liverpool 3 slot Straight Bar Bit

Bit is reversible, comes complete with a double link curb chain. Mouthpiece thickness 15mm, Cheek Length 21cm.

Liverpool Ported Bit with Cherry Rollers - Fixed Sides **NEW PRODUCT**

Made of stainless steel with copper rollers. Rollers encourage play while port prevents the tongue going over the bit. Fixed cheek prevents the lips being pinched, Ring Size 6cm, Cheek Length 15cm, Bit thickness - Centre 1cm, Sides 1.5cm. Includes curb hooks & curb chain.

Military Bit

Also known as Elbow Ported Bit, similar to a Liverpool bit except that the cheeks are set back at a square angle at the mouth.

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