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Harness Sets - Shetland/Mini Pony & Small Pony

Our wide range of harness sets designed for 3 sizes in the sl range of synthetic harness: mini pony fits up to approx 38 inches / 97cm, shetland fits up to approx 11.2hh/ 117cm & small pony fits up to 12.2hh/127cm. these sets will fit both mini donkeys & standard size d

Shetland Webbing Harness **SECONDHAND**

Unbranded lightly used harness set, suit a large shetland or small pony. Sliding backband pad with std tugs, complete set incl bridle & reins. Measurements are available.

SL Mini Harness Sets, Fixed Pad or Sliding Backband - Single

Suitable for small mini ponies & taller fine miniature horses up to 38 inches/ 97cm,, depending on the breed, also fits mini donkeys. OPTIONS available include: Sliding Backband Pad suited for use with 2 wheel vehicles & 4 wheel vehicles with fixed shafts. Fixed Backband Pad usually used when a 4 wheel carriage is being used, & QR Tugs. Prices listed here are for standard sets of harness, if you require a price for other options including. QR Shaft Tugs, Deluxe Bridles.False Martingales. Flash Noseband & Empathy Collars, please contact Joanne.

SL Mini Team Harness

Standard configuration: SL Team Wheelers have Deluxe saddles with centre pedestal. SL Team Leaders have Flexi tree saddles. Leader connector strap with snaps each end for quick easy attachment.

SL Shetland Harness Sets - Single

Designed for shetland type ponies up to approx 11.2hh/117cm depending on breed & build. Available with either a fixed or sliding backband saddle pad. Normally a sliding backband is used with 2 wheel vehicles or 4 wheel vehicles with fixed shafts. Allows fixed shafts to self-level & move to improve pony comfort, especially on hilly terrain. Adjustable shaft tugs & trace carriers included.

SL Small Pony Harness Set - Single

Suit small native breeds e.g. Dartmoor, Welsh Mountain & small Welsh Sec B. Up to approx 12hh. Options available are 1 Fixed Backband normally used with 4 wheel carriages with Flexi-treeless saddles, adjustable shaft tugs. 2 Sliding Backband for use with 2 wheel vehicles or 4 wheel vehicles with fixed shafts.

Tedex Shetland Harness Set **SECONDHAND**

Clean set of Tedex harness, complete with std tugs, breastplate. traces, girth, false BB, crupper, breeching, loin straps, breeching straps, bridle & reins

Tedex Shetland Harness Set - QR Tugs

Webbing harness with stainless steel fittings

Tedex Shetland Harness Set - Standard Tugs

Complete set with std tugs instead of the QR Tugs option.

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