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Hardwear - Misc

Synthetic & metal items manufactured by Zilco & non Zilco quality items

Our wide range of variety of items that are used in carriage driving

Conway Buckle

Used to lock a sliding backband into position when free movement is not required, made of stainless steel, 25mm Fits Classic Harness & 32mm Fits Tedex Harness. Sold in Pairs


Nickel Plated 25mm x 5mm welded, can be used to convert Pole Straps to QR by attached D rings to the Pole Strap & then attaching the QR Shackle to D ring.

D Shackle Large **NEW STOCK ITEM**

Perfect for quick connections, manufactured in Germany to a high standard. Tested Load Capacity max. 200kg, sold in pairs.

Parrot Clips -Rein Snaps, Square Eye

Stainless Steel & Solid Brass, sold indivually

QR Shackles - 13cm

Stainless steel shackle suitable for large turnouts. We recommend QR Pull Tabs with these shackles which are sold separately on this website. Shackles are sold individually.

QR Pull Tab

PolyProp Webbing for attaching to QR shackles.

QR Shackle - Non Zilco - Small

Marine quality stainless steel QR shackle, ideal for small ponies. Size 6.6cm long, breaking load 652kg each shackle.

QR Shackles - Size 10cm

Stainless steel shackle complete with leather pull tab. Sold individually.

Roger Rings

Used in team & tandem harness, fitted to the bridle of the wheeler horse.

Shackle Curl Hook Straps - Webbing

Sold in pairs. Makes a safe connection between the trace / the QR Shackle & the carriage, that will not chip the paintwork.. Size: L 12cm x 2cm wide. Suitable for Larger style of QR Shackles

Shackle Curl Straps - Synthetic

Made by Zilco, sold in Pairs. Makes a safe connection between the trace & QR Shackle & the carriage. L 10cm x 2cm Wide

Tandem Spoon

Made of High Quality Stainless Steel, small loop hooks onto the breastplate buckle UNDER the traces, allows the tandem leader traces to be attached through the larger loop & allows a more direct line of draft. Sold in Pairs

Terret - Small Tandem

Stainless Steel, sold individually.

Terret - Figure 8

Sold Individually, For use on wheeler saddles in team sets. Should be attached on the near side of the saddle for rear near side wheeler or on the off side for the off side wheeler. Stainless Steel.

Terret - Team Centre Pedestal

For use on team wheeler saddles & carries the leader reins in the traditional way. Sold individually.

Terrets - Saddle

To suit various Zilco harness saddles, stainless steel. Sold as a pair. 2 sizes Large & Small

Trigger Hooks - Heavy Duty

Stainless Steel Length 20mm, can be used on breeching straps.

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