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Bits - XL in size

Misc bits available in sizes 5.5 inch, 5.75 inch, 6 inch & 6.5 inch

Our wide range of quality stainless steel driving bits

Buxton Driving Bit -XL

Stainless Steel Bit available in 5.75 & 6 inch

Liverpool Cherry Roller - XL

Rollers encourages play while the port prevents the horse getting its tongue over. Fixed cheek prevents the lips from being pinched. Single link curb chain.

Liverpool Ported Bit - XL

Stainless Steel Bit available in 6 inch & 6.5 inch

Liverpool Straight Bar with 3 Slots XL

Stainless Steel bit available in 5.5 inch, 5.75 inch,6 inch, 6.5 inch & 7 inch

Liverpool White Mouth - Swivel Cheeks XL

Soft contoured white mouthpiece to encourage relaxation. Leather curb strap for no pinch comfort.

Military Bit - Zilco XL

Made by Zilco, stainless steel. Set back cheeks of this elbow ported bit stops the horse grabbing the bit & prevents pinching of cheeks. Single link curb chain.

Military Driving Bit XL

Stainless Steel Bit available in 6 inch & 6.5 inch

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