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Driving Whips

** New Range of LEDO, Hungarian made high quality Driving Whips. We stock FLECK Driving Whips catering for all, both Economy & Professional range of quality German made Drop Lash Whips. Also available are unbranded economical Driving Whips & Lunge Whips ** Measured from base of whip to top where the lash curls over lash is extra**. Full Size Driving Whips collection is preferred as it cannot be posted. If you wish to save on postage you are welcome to arrange a collection of your whip. As a guide: 120cm - 140cm whips normally 10hh - 12hh Ponies 140 - 160cm 12hh - 14hh Single or 10hh - 12hh Pairs 160cm - 180cm normally 14hh - 16hh Single or 12 - 15hh Pairs. Contact Joanne for more information.

Our wide range of driving whips & lunge whips

Econ Large Pony Whip - Shop Soiled

1 available, just been kept in tackroom, slightly soiled but doesnt effect its use. Sticky grip. Length 160cm + Lash 65cm

Economy Driving Whip - FLECK Nylon Thread Cover **Available in Pony Size** Lash length 60cm

Nylon thread cover, wrapped sticky grip, spun lash Code 07672. Lash length 60cm. ** Limited availability - 4 left **

Economy Driving Whip - FLECK Nylon**Available in Pony & Cob Sizes** Lash Length 60cm

Wovan Nylon Cover, Top grp, spun lash, Code 7670. Lash Length 60cm Only 3 left in Pony size.

Economy Pony Driving Whip **LIMITED STOCK, ONLY 3 LEFT**

Lightweight whip sizes 124cm long + Lash 83cm, 6 available

Fleck Bamboo - Shop Soiled

These whips have a small amount of damage on the handle due to storage, plus some discolouration to the lash but this does not affect their use. Please note FS whip is collection only. 1 x Pony, 1 x Cob & 1 x FS

FLECK Bamboo Finish ** Available in Cob & FS** FS Whips are Collection only.

Lightweight German Made Droplash driving whip made of bamboo which has been lacquered, Helia wrapped grip & spun lash - alternative to a Traditional Holly Whip

FLECK Lacquer Finish

Lightweight German made Droplash whip finished in Black lacquer, top grip & spun lash

Fleck Lacquer Finish - Shop Soiled

1 x Lge Pony 160cm Fleck whips that have discolouration to the lash due to being in storage, does not affect its use.

LEDO Econ Cob 170cm Driving Whip

170cm Black Arched Whip + Lash approx 63cm

LEDO Econ Pony Driving Whip **NEW PRODUCT**

150cm Black arch whip + Lash approx 63cm

LEDO Econ Small Pony Driving Whip **NEW PRODUCT**

120cm Black arched whip + lash 63cm

Lunge Whip **NEW STOCK ITEM**

Made by Zilco, Fully adjustable lunge whip, size when closed is 105cm,features a telescopic fibreglass shaft with braided nylon outer which simply pulls to extend to the full length of 200cm. Quick & easy adjustment to a shorter length makes it ideal for storage & transport. Rubber handle for a secure grip.

Lunge Whip **NEW PRODUCT**

Lightweight lunge whip.length 165cm + long lash

Whip Reel - Double - 1 available

Made of Mahogany, holds 2 whips to avoid them getting damaged or broken. Size 14cm wide x 7cm deep

Whip Reel - Single - Mahogany

1 available, made of mahogany wood, single hole in the centre to attach to a wall or a piece of wood. Size 12cm wide x 4 cm deep.

Whip Reel - Single- Pine

1 available, made of Pine, solid wood whip reel suitable for holding 1 bow top whip. Size 12.5cm wide x 4.5cm deep, single screwhole in the centre.

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