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Bits - ** CLEARANCE**

Our wide range of selection of driving bits at greatly reduced prices. also a number of secondhand bits.

Liverpool Ported Bit with Cherry Rollers - Non Zilco **CLEARANCE**

Stainless Steel with copper cherry rollers, 1 left in 5 inch

Liverpool Straight Bar Bit 3.5 inch & 4 inch **CLEARANCE**

2 x Brand new bits in both sizes that are now End of Line

Loose Ring TPU Mullen Ring Snaffle Bit **Clearance**

Manufactured by Zilco, TPU offer softness & flexibility of rubber, yet more durable & hard wearing. ideal for young ponies/horses. 2 available in 5 inch

Mouthing Breaking Bit **CLEARANCE**

Limited availability Stainless Steel, Ring width 6.8cm, Bit thickness 2.1cm

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